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Technical Life Cycle
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Midland Computers mission is to provide value through the flexible delivery of information systems and services supported by a quality team of dedicated employees.

Midland Computer has been assisting companies in a variety of ways to reduce technology costs for over 25 years. Our sophisticated life cycle management tools and services offer a full range of options to our clients, making us the perfect choice for your prime technology vendor.
Technical Life Cycle


Designing a desktop service strategy starts with an understanding of your business. A true partnership and agreed upon vision is required to properly implement a winning solution for the future.


Utilizing our life cycle modeling tools, Midland Computer can provide calculated input on cost saving strategies that will improve on long-term strategies. Additionally, we can play what if questions to see the impact different alternatives will make over the life cycle of the equipment.



The elements considered in the strategy planning are:


       LAN/WAN Networking strategies

       Network management

       Configuration standards identification

       Software licensing

       Computer refresh standards

       Asset management

       Leasing options

       Help Desk and Service Center

       Warranty and ongoing maintenance and repair

       Dedicated on-site vs. dispatched support

       Budgeting and per seat costs

       Equipment disposal

       User growth or shrinkage

       Labor costs (outsourcing vs. hiring)



An additional key element to a proper life cycle strategy is the management reporting involved in all the above areas that properly communicates the strategy and ongoing statistical data for monitoring the progress as well providing overall accountability to management.


These pieces of the life cycle are not all-inclusive, but are representative of the help Midland Computer can offer your company. We do not believe that one company can internally provide the best solution for all the needed service pieces. With that in mind we help to identify the best mix of offerings from quality vendors to customize a solution that meets your needs.


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